Emily Brighton

Emily Brighton, our dedicated Marketing Manager, brings her vibrant energy and strategic thinking to our store. Being a Brighton, Emily has been around the store since her youth, understanding the needs of our customers and our community. This innate understanding has been instrumental in shaping the marketing strategies that she now oversees. Emily’s role is critical in not only promoting our offerings but also in ensuring that our store’s ethos of community service and sustainable practices reaches the wider audience.

In addition to her work on promotional campaigns, Emily has a keen eye for market trends and customer behaviors. This allows her to identify opportunities and challenges, and devise plans to leverage or tackle them. Her fresh ideas and innovative approaches have helped keep our marketing strategies relevant and effective.

Emily’s leadership in the marketing department is also characterized by a nurturing and inclusive approach. She encourages creativity and individuality among her team members, believing that diverse ideas lead to more effective strategies. Under Emily’s guidance, the marketing team has flourished, and our store has continued to grow its customer base and deepen its relationship with the community.

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