Jennifer Brighton

Jennifer Brighton, our co-founder and Kevin’s wife, brings a unique perspective and an artistic touch to our operations. Jennifer’s creativity, combined with her business savvy and dedication to customer satisfaction, has shaped our store into the community favorite it is today. She has played a crucial role in curating our product offerings and designing store layouts that ensure a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.

Jennifer’s leadership extends beyond the everyday operations. She champions the cause of sustainability within our business model and is responsible for our eco-friendly product selection. Jennifer firmly believes that businesses have a responsibility towards the environment, and she works tirelessly to ensure our store lives up to that responsibility.

In addition to her dedication to sustainability, Jennifer is also at the forefront of our store’s community involvement. She has been instrumental in launching various initiatives aimed at educating the community about the importance of sustainable practices and their impact on our environment. Her passion for serving the community and her commitment to its growth have made a lasting impact on the way our store operates.

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